While summer is a magical time to explore Jerusalem, there is no question it is hot. One of the best ways to relax and refresh during a day of sightseeing is to enjoy a cold drink or treat, and Jerusalem is full of unique places for this kind of summer pick-me-up. Situated along the bicycle and walking path that begins at First Station, is the juice and smoothie stand, Mitz Petel. This small stone building with bright blue doors and a walk-up order window overflows with fresh vegetables and fruits, and has a long menu of smoothies and fresh juices, along with frozen treats like popsicles.

  Customers can sit in small shaded huts, surrounded by pots of flowers to enjoy their drinks, adding to the place’s unique vibe and atmosphere. Mousseline, with a location in Talbiya, as well as in the Mahane Yehuda market, is home to some of the city’s tastiest ice cream. Some of its outstanding flavors include saffron, cinnamon and basil. But it also makes delicious versions of the classics, like French Vanilla and Belgian Chocolate.

 In addition, the menu has a large variety of non-dairy sorbets, which are equally as tasty and creative. Flavors range from lemon-mint and pomegranate to beer and basil-grapefruit. The Talbiya shop is not far from the Inbal, and just across the street from the Israeli president’s residence. With a few small tables and chairs on the sidewalk, this location has a special neighborhood feel. For those who prefer to walk with their ice cream, they can head toward the Rose Park on Dubnov Street, or down to Azza Street, which is filled with bars and cafes. For those seeking a summer cocktail, sitting outdoors at Zuta on King David Street is one of the best choices.

 The stone patio shaded by palm trees and surrounded by flowers creates a luxurious but relaxed environment. Recommended drinks include the Zuta Colada, which fuses Middle Eastern spices with a traditional pina colada; and the Jaffa Gate, a blend of zata, gin, tequila and mint. Zuta also has a food menu of appetizers, sandwiches and fish, making this a good option for a full happy hour as well.

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