Offered most evenings, Smart Tour Israel’s evening Segway tours are especially popular with couples, families and other small groups. “It’s very romantic to see the city this way at night,” said Assaf Polivodor, a founding partner of Smart Tour Israel, which offers nighttime Segway tours along with daytime Segway tours, bike rentals and culinary tours. “The tours at night are more intimate and with smaller groups than during the day.”

The nighttime Segway tours, which cover about 5 miles, are led by guides who not only deliver explanations and stories about the sites along the way, but also make sure the participants are enjoying themselves. About half way through the two-hour tour, groups stop for a break at Kikar HaTzahal, near Jaffa Gate, and one of the points where the new city of Jerusalem meets the old city of Jerusalem. Guides offer the group cups of steaming hot tea to drink while watching the passers by and taking in views of the Old City walls. In the winter, guides also offer scarves, gloves and extra coats to keep participants warm. 

“We provide everything we can to make sure it’s a special experience,” Polivodor said. Meanwhile, the city does the rest, offering scenery and views that can only be found in Jerusalem. Reservations are required for nighttime Segway tours, and can be made by calling 02-561-8056. In the winter, nighttime Segway tours leave First Station at 6:30 p.m., and in the summer at 8 p.m. Tours are offered in Hebrew and English.

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