It provides you with a different way to experience Jerusalem

said Michael Weiss, co-founder of Jerusalem-based Bitemojo, which now offers eight different app-based food tours around Israel, and 14 others in cities around the world, including Budapest, New York and Lisbon

You go off the beaten path and really understand a place.

Other Jerusalem-based tours include the company’s original Mahane Yehuda market tour, as well as tours of the Old City, Jerusalem bars, and Jerusalem at night. The cost includes five or six stops for food on each tour, as well as stories and information about people and places along the way.

Jerusalem offers an endless amount of stories, and this is what we try to do,

said Weiss, who also co-founded YallaBasta, the first company to create an online map of the sprawling Mahane Yehuda market, where it also offers tours and pre-paid cards for food tasting. He said BiteMojo tours are unique because they can be done independently, and don’t create the disruption of large groups with guides, especially when exploring many of the city’s small streets and alleys. People can also start and stop tours as they please, completing them over several days.

It allows you complete autonomy,

he said. With the increasing number of food tours in the city, the Bitemojo ones stand out because they examine specific themes.

With the Creative Jerusalem tour, you can really see how the city is being changed with more artists, designers and entrepreneurs,

he said. The tour includes tastings at Nocturno, a cafe with its own designer boutique; custom-made juices in Mahane Yehuda market; and cheeses at one of the first shops to import products.

The food is also important

Weiss said

But the food is like a beacon of light that takes you from one place to another while you get the stories along the way

Tours are 110 shekels per person, and include five or six food tastings.

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