Wine tasting and tours in Jerusalem

Wine-tasting and Romantic tours

A several new activities based in and around the windmill make this location–with its sweeping views of the Old City and surrounding hills–one of the best places to visit, especially for couples looking for a fun day out or a romantic evening walk. Sommeliers from Jerusalem Wineries have now found a home inside the base of the windmill.  Stop by here any weekday between 10 a.m. and 7 p.m., or any Friday from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. to sample wines and chat with professionals from the winery.  You can even purchase a bottle to take home. After sampling wine, you can join a guided tour to learn how the windmill works, and to get to the bottom of the local debate about whether or not it ever actually ground flour.  Built in the late 1800s by French philanthropist Moses Montefiore to provide income for the poor residents of the first neighborhood outside the city walls, the windmill did indeed grind the wheat of surrounding farmers into flour.  But after 18 years of operation it stopped working.  Then local stories began to spring up about how it never worked, about how it was not even built to work.  Even Israel’s most famous 20th century poet Yehuda Amichai once wrote about how
the windmill never ground flour. It ground holy air.
After an extensive renovation project funded by the Jerusalem Foundation, which involved flying in windmill experts from Europe, the windmill is again operational. Visitors to the windmill can now also participate in an escape-room style game that takes place in and around the windmill. The game is suitable for couples as well as larger groups. But even with the windmill blades once again turning and new activities here, one of the best things to do is simply stroll around the colorful gardens here and take in the panoramic views in this urban oasis, whether its on an ordinary evening or for a marriage proposal.