With long sunny days and pleasant evenings, summer can be a magical season in Jerusalem. Summers in Jerusalem, with visitors from abroad and many locals on vacation, are often filled with festivals, concerts and other special events.  The Inbal Hotel’s new street food in Jerusalem festival seeks to capture the city’s summer spirit, while celebrating its history and culture.

Street Food in Jerusalem is the Inbal’s newest culinary event 

The Inbal has emerged in recent years as a culinary hub. The hotel’s 02 chef restaurant and the winter soup festival have put it on the city’s map of dining destinations, for locals and visitors alike.

Launched in May and running through the end of July, the street food in Jerusalem event is a nightly affair offering a buffet of the city’s beloved local foods. The festival takes place Sunday through Thursday, from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m., in the calm and classic ambience of the hotel’s courtyard. 

Under the summer skies, attendees sit down to tables set with six different salads and homemade breads. Salads include white labneh cheese topped with roasted eggplant; roasted red peppers mixed with walnuts; and tzatziki yogurt infused with mint and cucumber. The salads are served in brightly-painted blue and white bowls, reflecting the city’s traditional style of ceramics.

A modern Culinary approach to Street Food in Jerusalem

A buffet then offers plentiful other dishes inspired by the street food in Jerusalem. These include freshly-made falafel, vegetarian shawarma and fish kabobs. Each of these dishes is based on the classic street food version, but made with a modern approach. For example, in addition to classic falafel, balls of chickpeas and species fried to a crisp, there are varieties infused with cheese as well as herbs like sumac. The shawarma, usually based on meat,  is made from sauteed onions and other vegetables. And the kabobs are made with fish mixed with local spices.

Each section of the buffet, where these dishes are prepared fresh, also offers a choice of salads and toppings. Freshly mashed hummus mixed with olive oil and spices accompanies the falafel, and sesame tahini adds even more flavor to the shawarma and kabobs. There is also plentiful choice of fresh vegetables and olives.

Breads Fresh from the Taboun Oven

A variety of unique freshly-baked breads and pastries elevate the Inbal’s street food in Jerusalem festival. Made in the hotel’s taboun oven, the baked good include Jerusalem bagels topped with sesame seeds, fresh pita, and focaccia breads baked with olives, tomatoes, cheeses and herbs.

A slice of freshly-baked semolina cake topped with coconut is served at the end of each meal. In addition, diners can order more items from a dessert menu. Drinks and cocktails, including mint lemonade infused with arak, are also available.
For locals and hotel guests alike, a visit to the street food in Jerusalem event makes for a tasty, relaxing and interesting evening.

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