Summer is here and it’s a wonderful opportunity to take your family on an unforgettable vacation at the magical Jerusalem Inbal Hotel. Beyond the spectacular view, the Inbal Hotel is a 5-star hotel with all the luxurious pampering you can think of. Staying at the hotel will give you the chance to enjoy various fun activities, from the highly recommended pool to the out-of-this-world spa, in addition, hotel guests can benefit from a 10-30% discount for fun Jerusalem’s attractions. Here are some ideas you can check in your next visit:

  1. the biblical Zoo – Come spend the day at ZOO and meet the animals from the bible stories elephants, lions, reptiles, and much more. The zoo spreads to 250 Dunam and is located right in the middle of beautiful and peaceful Jerusalem.
  2. Mahne Yehuda Market- come explore all the scents, colors, and flavors at the iconic Mahne Yehuda Market, the market that has become one of Jerusalem’s landmarks. In this colorful market, you will find all kinds of exciting street food alongside gourmet dishes – all of Jerusalem’s special signature food.
  3. Tower of David – Experience the rich and fascinating history of Jerusalem by surprising technological means: sonic light shows that present the story of Jerusalem in a multi-sensory, experiential, interactive way, and rotating exhibitions that are updated throughout the year. The Tower of David is a special attraction for the whole family that allows you to get to know Jerusalem, and rediscover it.
  4. Israel 2GO – a variety of guided tours around the city, which are open to the general public and provide an authentic taste of the populations living in it. With the help of the tour, you can reach surprising and exciting places that you might not have experienced in any other way. Among the tours: Seeing the Silcott in the ultra-Orthodox neighborhoods, and a variety of culinary tours in the Mahane Yehuda, Nachlaot market, and also in Mea Shearim before Shabbat.
  5. Segway tour – We invite you to get excited again from places you have already visited, and fall in love with new places in the capital, in a creative, innovative, and up-to-date way, as you roll through the city streets on a Segway you will experience the beauty and uniqueness of Jerusalem in a technological, friendly way that you never thought possible. A trip on the Segway is another example of how Jerusalem combines new and old, up-to-date and ancient in the most natural way.

This summer is going to be unforgettable, thanks to the prestigious and special Inbal Hotel, which allows its visitors to rediscover Jerusalem, and connect to its magical atmosphere.

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