One of the most creative winter events in Jerusalem is the Shaon Horef Cultural Festival, when several city streets come alive with music, art exhibits and other entertainment on Monday evenings. The free festival, started by the municipality about a decade ago, is taking place during February and March this year. Due to the war and difficult time period for all in Israel, this year’s festival will focus on the themes of unity, togetherness and healing.



Building Community Through Events in Jerusalem 

This year’s festival takes place on a different street in the city center each Monday night. The first week, on Shushan and Koresh streets, will incorporate visual art displays, music and other performances. Among those will be events that focus on magic and hope, including a dramatic performance called “Inviting the light.” Other events include DJs playing electronic music, musicians singing original folk songs and yoga performances.

Later in February and March, dozens of events will take place on other streets as part of the festival, including Heleni HaMalka, Hillel Street, Bezalel and Shatz streets. The festival draws a diverse crowd, and also involves local neighborhood venues along these streets, showing how events in Jerusalem help build community in the city. The full schedule of events can be found on the festival’s Facebook page.



A Lively Area of the City

Even on ordinary evenings, when there are no special events in Jerusalem, the area of the city that hosts Shaon Horef is one of the best destinations for an evening out. Some of the creative energy is derived from the nearby Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, the leading Israeli arts school established in 1906. The neighborhood is also home to many university students, artists, creators and young professionals.
Local bars Mazkeka and Shoshana on Shushan street, where the first night of the festival takes place, regularly offer live music and other artistic performances, along with local beer and other drinks. Numerous other bars, cafes and art galleries dot the surrounding streets. Nearby Heleni HaMalka and Hillel streets are also lively most evenings with a similar artistic vibe.
Just across King George Street, the area of Bezalel and Shatz streets is closed to cars, making it a bustling pedestrian area both during the day and at night. In addition to bars and cafes that host live events, these streets feature clothing and jewelry boutiques.
Eventually meeting up with Agrippas Street, this area is contiguous to Machane Yehuda Market, another highlight of Jerusalem nightlife. 


If the timing works out, checking out the Shaon Horef festival is an opportunity to experience one of the most interesting winter events in Jerusalem. The streets where this festival occurs are also worth visiting, especially in the evening, all year round.


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