One of the highlights of summer in Jerusalem is the Jerusalem Old City Light Festival, when streets, buildings, archaeological sites and other monuments are illuminated throughout the walled city. In addition to strings of lights and illuminated murals and designs on buildings, the week-long Jerusalem Old City Light Festival includes music and other artistic performances.  

The Jerusalem Old City Light Festival is Not Alone

Throughout the year, Jerusalem has plenty of other light displays and illuminated streets. Dozens of monuments and historic buildings, including the Russian Compound in the city center, the String Bridge, the YMCA (just around the corner from the Inbal Hotel) and the Israel Museum are illuminated each night. In addition, several fountains are lit up, along with the Old City Walls, gates and archaeological sites in the Kidron Valley on the edge of the Old City.

These illuminated monuments can be seen just by walking around the city, and can also be toured most evenings by bus. The bus picks up participants at First Station, Russian compound and a few other stops

Other night attractions in addition to the Jerusalem Old City Light Festival

In addition to the Jerusalem Old City Light Festival and these illuminated buildings, the city is home to two light shows as well as many streets decorated with lights, creating a magical atmosphere at night.

The Tower of David Museum, near the Jaffa Gate and recently renovated to showcase more than three millennia of history, offers two light shows. The Night Spectacular is shown on the stone walls of the ancient citadel, and highlights the history of Jerusalem through stunning colorful lights and music. Another light show focuses on telling the life story of the Biblical King David. Both of these experiences are a special and romantic way to enjoy the Old City at night. Both require reservations.

During an evening walk around the city, there are several streets that are lit up and particularly magical at night. These include the outdoor Alrov Mamilla Avenue, lined with shops and restaurants and several of the small streets off of Jaffa Road. 

Water and Lights on a Jerusalem Summer Night

One additional nighttime experience not to miss in Jerusalem is the evening light show at Teddy Park. Music and lights bring the fountains in the park to life. While the fountains attract many families and children, who like to splash in the water, there is plenty of green space around for couples who want to enjoy the show as well. This park offers some of the best views of the Old City Walls, and is a short walk from the center of town and Alrov Mamilla, where couples can cap off the evening with a drink.

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