Winter in Israel can be warm and sunny on some days, but cold and rainy on others.
It is especially on these colder days that many families are looking for indoor attractions in Jerusalem.

Exploring the Sea

The Israel Museum, and particularly its current exhibit “Wonders of the Deep,” in the Ruth Youth Wing, is one of the best indoor attractions in Jerusalem. This special exhibit, running through the end of March, features marine life, underwater treasures, submerged towns and mythical creatures like mermaids.
It also explores how humans have viewed the sea, and desired to explore it, since ancient times. For example, it describes how ancient civilizations thought that the gods controlled the seas—and also calmed them.

Alongside ancient treasures from the sea are modern works of art from Israel and abroad, portraying how people imagine and feel about the deep seas. There is also an area where children can draw their own pictures of the sea, its treasures and its creatures.

Engaging Exhibits and Activities all Year Around

The special exhibit about the sea is not the only reason that the Israel Museum is one of the best indoor attractions in Jerusalem for families. The museum’s youth wing contains several permanent exhibits, a play area, a children’s library with more than 7,500 books in multiple languages, and weekly events for the whole family.

The library is filled with books in Hebrew, Arabic, English and other languages, along with cozy reading areas for both adults and children. Activities in the library include story hours in both English and Hebrew, as well as art classes. One of the most unique activities in the recycling workshop, where adults and children can create art from a variety of left-over and second-hand materials.

Indoor attractions in Jerusalem near the Israel Museum

Perched on a hill above the Valley of the Cross, the Israel Museum is near a number of other family-friendly indoor attractions.

The Bloomfield Science Museum is just a short walk away. This interactive museum allows children (and adults) to explore and experiment in many aspects of science, including architecture, medicine, chemistry and physics.

Just across the parking lot from the Israel Museum sits the Bible Lands Museum. With a little adult guidance, children can also enjoy the collections and exhibits here, which focus on the lands mentioned in the Bible, including Israel, Egypt and Babylon.

The Knesset, which offers guided tours, is also nearby.

Especially in the winter, or on a very hot summer day, all of these indoor attractions in Jerusalem make great destinations for families to explore. And, if the weather suddenly becomes more pleasant, they all also have outdoor areas, and the sprawling Gan Sacher, with its large playground, is just down the hill.

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