Jerusalem during Passover is a special time in the city. There is a festive atmosphere and unique events and attractions along with holiday happenings at some of the city’s best known and most famous sites. When it comes to Passover events in Jerusalem for families, there is no shortage of things to do.

Free Museums in Jerusalem during Passover

Some of the city’s best museums are free during the intermediate days of the Passover festival in Jerusalem. Museums participating in the free admission program this year include the Bible Lands Museum and the Museum for Islamic Art.

The Bible museum, located near the government quarter, tells the story of the history of the lands of the Bible, including Egypt, Israel and Iraq, through more than 3,000 years of art and archaeology. Current special exhibits include those focusing on Hercules and other heroes of Greek mythology and on the period of Jewish  exile in Babylon. Information about tours, workshops and other activities can be found here.

The Islamic art museum, situated in Talbiyah, currently features an exhibit on food in the Arab world. There are kids activities and tours, making this an interesting place for families to visit during Passover in Jerusalem.

Parks Galore

The city is filled with many parks that are attractive to families and people of all ages. The parks are especially inviting during Passover in Jerusalem, when the spring weather brings warm weather and blooming flowers. 

Among the most recommended is the Train Track Park, which includes more than 3 miles of paths suitable for biking, running or walking. The park begins at the First Station, where families can rent bikes to enjoy on the paths. Gan Sacher is another park families should not miss. It has one of the largest playgrounds in the city, with several large slides, swings and whimsical climbing structures, along with Cafe Gan Sipur, a family-friendly cafe right in the middle of the park. During Passover in Jerusalem, this park is especially popular for families to hold picnics and barbecues. 

New Library in Jerusalem

With Passover being a time to pass down the story of the Exodus to the younger generations, the holiday is a great time to visit the new National Library in Jerusalem.

Opened last year, the new National Library Jerusalem, near the Knesset and government quarter, replaces the old national library in Jerusalem that was on the nearby Hebrew University’s Givat Ram campus.

The modern building contains reading halls, exhibits and every book written about Judaism, the Jewish people or Israel. There are also weekly guided tours. Family-friendly tours can be booked, and the library also hosts a number of workshops, plays and other events for kids and families.

Spectacular Night Shows Make a Meaningful Evening Activity during Passover in Jerusalem

After spending your days at the museums, parks or even the library in Jerusalem, a number of light and music shows make a unique and meaningful activity, honoring the city’s history and culture and making a tribute to the sacrifices of the military and security forces..

The Tower of David by the Jaffa Gate in the Old City offers two different night shows that are engaging for both children and adults. One focuses on the life of King David; both combine colorful lights beamed onto the fortress’ walls along with music to create a magical atmosphere.

Also near the Old City, the City of David, part of the national parks service, offers a night sound and light show among archaeological ruins and sweeping views of the Old City and surrounding hills. The show tells the story of the return to Zion.

The city’s newest sound and light show takes place at the Tayelet in the Armon HaNatzin in southern Jerusalem. Called High Light JLM, this show honors the state’s security and rescue forces as well as those killed and abducted on Oct. 7, and their families.

Any of these light shoes will make your family’s experience of the Passover celebration in Jerusalem more meaningful and memorable.

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