Although many people visit Jerusalem for its history and spiritual environment, the city offers many venues and festivals featuring music. For couples looking for a special outing at night or in the afternoon, an event, festival or venue for music in Jerusalem is a great choice.

Best bets for nightly music in Jerusalem

Numerous bars and cafes also offer frequent live-music performances. One of the most popular is Nocturno Cafe near the Mahane Yehuda Market. Within the market itself, after the sun sets and the produce vendors go home, many cafes and bars open to serve drinks, food and host bands and other musicians. You are likely to hear some sort of live music any evening except Friday when strolling through the market after dark. 

Another reliable place for live music is Kikar HaMusica, a refurbished square in the central Nahalat Shiva neighborhood. Each night a different band or singer takes the stage, with many enjoying the performances from the outdoor tables of the surrounding restaurants and cafes, or simply while walking around the historic area.

Festivals throughout the summer and year feature music in Jerusalem

There are also a number of festivals and annual events that include music in Jerusalem.

Coming up this summer, there will be a Harmonica Festival in late May. In August, the annual Wine Festival at the Israel Museum will feature nightly live music performances. And during July and August, there is also nightly live music at the Food Trucks Festival in the Gey Ben Hinom park below the Old City Walls. Nearby, the annual summer Hutzot HaYotzer Art festival also has nightly concerts.  The annual Israel Festival in Jerusalem includes music among its events, which also feature theater performances, exhibits and other cultural experiences. The event is scheduled for September, 2024.

Other much-loved events for music in Jerusalem include the Oud festival in the winter, which has been happening since 2000. The International Chamber Music Festival and opera events are also part of the annual calendar of music in Jerusalem.

Another special event is the local street food festival at the Inbal Hotel this summer, featuring a variety of traditional Jerusalem dishes, ranging from appetizers and salads to pastries and breads, as well as sweets and desserts.

If they have the opportunity, visitors to the city should also try to see a concert or other performances in some of the historic and unique venues for music in Jerusalem. Zedekiah’s Cave, near the Old City’s Damascus Gate is a highlight among these. Other unique venues include the ancient Sultan’s Pool and the Tower of David.

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