The small shop is a good place to grab a coffee to go, sample a piece of chocolate or indulge in an ice cream cone while exploring Ein Kerem, a village-like neighborhood in the hills on the western edge of Jerusalem. But if one has more time, the larger Sweet Ein Kerem location offers a cafe, serving breakfast, pizza and other vegetarian fare, along with another larger case of handmade chocolates and ice cream. If one has even more time, there are chocolate-making workshops here almost every day. “If you have a minute you can grab a chocolate to go, if you have an hour you can make it yourself,” said Amsalem, who founded Sweet Ein Kerem more than 10 years ago with his former wife, who remained his business partner even after they divorced. The large location consists of three 500-year-old stone houses that have now been renovated and connected together. Downstairs, chocolatiers oversee pots of melted dark and milk chocolate, pouring the sweet liquid into molds to make chocolates shaped like hearts, stars and shells. Added flavors include sea salt, spicy chili and cinnamon. This is where the daily workshops take place. “Just call us at any time, even at the last minute and we can probably make you a workshop because we are always making chocolate here,” Amsalem says. Workshops can be arranged for anyone, for couples, families and groups of business colleagues, he says. “It’s a beautiful thing to do together,” he says. “And you get to leave with a hundred shekels worth of chocolates.” If the weather is nice, there is a large patio, covered with grape vines and other flowers, which is the perfect setting to enjoy the chocolates, a cup of coffee or a light meal. Workshops are 400 per couple, or 88 shekels per person in groups of 5 or more. Reservations are required, and can be made by calling 02-77-200-6660. Chocolates and the restaurant are certified kosher.

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