At the Inbal, we take your kids seriously.
During Jewish holidays and summer
vacations, we offer fun-filled, VIP service
for all children visiting the hotel.
Please note
The game room will be open every day,
including Shabbat. The game room includes
a variety of activities appropriate for
weekdays and Shabbat/Chag (Non-electric
games and those that will not cause Chilul
Open during the holidays and summer
Opening hours
3 Wii Stations
2 Foosball Tables
2 Pool Tables
2 Ping Pong Tables
2 Air Hockey Tables
Giant Connect Four
Giant Chess/Checkers
Sound System - 2 speakers,
microphones, new Karaoke
Arts and Crafts Corner
Game Room- puzzles, blocks, cards, books
Arts and Crafts Equipment
Disney Movies
Activities for Teens
Ping Pong Tournament with prizes
Backgammon Tournament with prizes
Foosball Tournament with prizes
Pool Tournament with prizes
JungaJunga tournament - prize for the
Playstation 3-Pro Evolution 2012
tournament, on a large screen
Connect Four with prizes
WII tournament - a number
of competitions throughout the day
Air Hockey tournament with prizes
Youth Room
Kids Room
Kid’s Club/Camp
1...,15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22,23,24 26,27,28