The Inbal Jerusalem Hotel - page 22

Celebrate a memorable Shabbat on Friday evening and
Saturday lunch with a wide range of local and international
dishes, and an array of scrumptious desserts that are as in-
novative as they are delicious. The hotel’s first-class cuisine,
outstanding personal service and special Shabbat feel com-
bine to make a meal at the Inbal a relaxing, refreshing and
truly delightful occasion.
The hotel is under Jerusalem Rabbinate Kashrut supervi-
sion, with Glatt/Mehadrin food served on Shabbat and
Jewish holidays.
Breakfast Buffet
Shabbat Meals
Our breakfast buffet is served daily at the Carmel Restaurant
between 6:30 and 10:30 am. Enjoy a first-class breakfast in the
Inbal’s stylish dining room or, on sunny Jerusalem mornings,
in the charming internal courtyard of the hotel. Our inclusive
breakfast menu offers uniquely Israeli flavors and includes a wide
selection of local cheeses and yogurts, seasonal fruits, salads, fish,
an egg corner with eggs as-you-like-it and a selection of freshly
baked breads and pastries all prepared in-house.
In our Mediterranean Corner, you will find unique
mouthwatering and exotic dishes.
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