Quiet, Comfortable
If you are looking for a quiet place for business meetings or
a comfortable place to relax, the Inbal is delighted to offer
you the first-class Executive Lounge on the 9th floor. With its
stunning views of the Old City and complementary, gourmet
refreshments, the Executive Lounge is an ideal setting.
Nestled on the hotel’s top floor and boasting a panoramic
view of the Old City, the Executive Lounge is a perfect
venue for both business meetings and a quiet setting for
contemplation, complete with a private terrace. It offers
complimentary services and facilities in luxuriously furnished
settings, including breakfast, dairy dinner, snacks and drinks,
international newspapers and magazines, Wi-Fi internet, fax,
printing and computer services, flat-screen TV, and a dairy
dinner. Admission to the lounge is limited to adults over the
age of 18.
The Executive Lounge
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