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At the Inbal, we believe in making our guests feel absolutely and exquisitely comfortable. We are proud to be known as the first hotel in Jerusalem to offer our guests free WiFi service, in all 283 of the Inbal’s luxurious rooms. Skype with family overseas, keep in touch with the office, or simply have some fun − using your own electronic devices and from the comfort of your hotel room.
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Hotels in Jerusalem

Jerusalem is one of the most popular travel destinations internationally with its almost-magical blend of ancient and modern, diverse mix of tourist attractions, mild Middle Eastern climate, first-class amenities and deliciously rich local cuisine.

Ancient palaces, medieval fortresses, open-air food markets, archeological museums, beautifully cultivated parks, contemporary architecture and spiritual landmarks combine to create the unique memories of a visit to Jerusalem.

Sacred to Judaism, Christianity and Islam, the city of Jerusalem has a history spanning over 6,000 years. With its wealth of religious, cultural and historical sites, Jerusalem is an ideal choice for a rejuvenating, inspiring and relaxing vacation experience.


Whether you are visiting Israel on a business trip, family vacation, spiritual odyssey or romantic get-away, you will find deluxe hotels in Jerusalem that meet your needs. Numerous hotels in Jerusalem are located throughout the city as well as in its surrounding environs, allowing you to choose a hotel that matches your personal style and budget.

Several five-star hotels in Jerusalem are situated close to the city center, allowing visitors the luxury of roaming the new and old sections of the city more freely, on foot. Many of the city’s most famous shopping areas, first-class restaurants, prestigious neighborhoods and tourist attractions are located within a short distance of one another. By walking the streets of Jerusalem, one gets a feel for this unusual city in a way that you miss when traveling by car or taxi. You can see and feel the sights and sounds of the city, and visit some of the holiest places to Christianity, Judaism and Islam without venturing far from your hotel room.

Some of the hotels in Jerusalem also offer proximity to the picturesque Old City walls. Whatever your religious leanings, a visit to the Old City – be it the Western Wall, Dome of the Rock or Church of the Holy Sepulcher − is a powerful experience, and you can join the millions of visitors who make these pilgrimages each year.

Excellent food is an essential part of any successful vacation, and one of the city’s many attractions is its delightful cuisine. Jerusalem foods are rich with the tastes and smells of the many nationalities and peoples who have made this city their home. Hotels in Jerusalem that are located near the popular restaurant areas allow visitors to explore and enjoy this wonderful city’s culinary delights.


Among the many hotels in Jerusalem, the Inbal Jerusalem Hotel is imbued with a special warmth and elegance. Situated in the heart of modern Jerusalem, the Inbal − with its 283 exquisite rooms and suites, personalized service and thoughtful amenities − is the perfect choice for any Jerusalem stay.

Overlooking Liberty Bell Park and the Old City, the Inbal hotel offers visitors exquisite accommodations combined with the friendly ambience and outstanding cuisine that are the hotel’s hallmarks. Join us at the Inbal Jerusalem Hotel – a place that welcomes you, simply because it does.