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At the Inbal, we believe in making our guests feel absolutely and exquisitely comfortable. We are proud to be known as the first hotel in Jerusalem to offer our guests free WiFi service, in all 283 of the Inbal’s luxurious rooms. Skype with family overseas, keep in touch with the office, or simply have some fun − using your own electronic devices and from the comfort of your hotel room.


Ayurveda is Sanskrit for “The knowledge for long life in Vedas” it is a form of alternative medicine based on the five physical elements of life that compose the universe - Earth, water, fire, air and space as well as the human body. Ayurveda describes seven types of tissue of the body; blood, plasma, flesh, adipose, bone, marrow and reproductive semen (or in case of women reproductive tissue. Ayurvedic philosophy teaches healthy living consists of three basic energies; air &space= “wind” fire&water= “bile”  water&earth=”phlegm” when these three substances exist in the body in equal quantities the body is healthy. The Ayurvedic massage is designed to restore the balance of these elements of the body.

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